Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox

At 1:02 PM today we will enter into the autumn equinox… temperatures will begin to fade into cool, for some of us our coffee choices will change from iced to hot, and for those who love flavor… pumpkin spice is back! The trees will change their wardrobe colors, and for us, sweaters are finally acceptable…not to mention those boots and scarves we have all been waiting for! Autumn, despite not being a warm season, has to be one of the most beautiful for all… you can’t deny the beauty in the color scheme that comes with it. If you’re in a hot climate, you might be envious of the changes that come with this new season change.

My most favorite change that comes with today, is the reassurance that change is a good thing. Change has to come in order for new growth to occur, and even death brings new life. Fall for me always represents the hard work that we have to put into our lives, leading next into intense change that might bring things to a complete end…. but once those changes are made, growth is just around the corner, and soon after, you can reap what you’ve sowed. Our earthly seasons are one of ┬áthe best examples of what makes our world go around. With a healthy perspective, change can be exciting. The cycle of seasons are no different than the cycles of life’s progress, despite what season they occur in.

Our models stories differ as equal as their looks, but for every single one of them, their modeling careers represent one of the seasons we all experience. Some of them may view autumn as the beginning of their modeling story… they may have taken a jump and given up a hobby they love, simply to pursue a career in our industry. Others may feel spring represents their start, as modeling may have been their one and only dream… and for the first time they’ve seen that growth come from all the hard work they have put in, just to get a chance. Some of our girls fall into the Summer category as they were thrown into immediate success and never looked back, they might still be waiting for their chapter of growth in life. It is truly amazing to know so many diverse stories come from one industry. Everyone is different but we all experience life’s cycles and seasons…

We are passionate about helping our models achieve an exciting and rewarding experience of a lifetime, while keeping their morals and ethics intact. Our wish for our models, is that they would nurture their mind, body, and soul. That they would live without jealousy, comparison, and greed. That they continue to strive to be their best selves. In any season of life, we will always be passionate, and we will always stand by them. Today’s earthly season can be any season of life, but for now we appreciate its beauty in change, and we will prepare to change with it. At Pulse, both models and team, we are always striving for growth and success.

I hope you can be challenged by the season change, to see that success is on the horizon for you… that change is a good thing, and there will always be a reminder for you if you just stop and look around. Autumn is here and if you choose to enjoy it, you might just be changed by its beauty.



Model: Pulse- Andrew

Photographer: Kobe Wagstaff

Autumn Equinox