Catching Up with Sara Grace Kelley

Catching Up
Catching Up with Sara Grace Kelley

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Sara Grace Kelley is a model we discovered and signed years ago, (when she was 14 years old) who has since gone on to have an amazing career! We did her test shoot, and then developed and launched her to great and consistent success. What we love about her is her willingness to work hard and travel wherever the work is. She has spent a good portion of her career working in Asia, and absolutely loving it.

“I was scouted a concert in Boise, Idaho when I was 14. I went to a casting for Pulse Mgmt with my mom and met Stacey. I’d been scouted before but had never signed with an agency because of how sketchy 90 percent seem to be. Stacey was the only manager my mom felt comfortable having me sign a contract with. Since then, I finished school early and have spent the past three years non stop traveling, mostly around Asia. I’ve worked in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Thailand, the Philippines, LA, New York and Japan, just to name the main places.  I’ve made life long friends from all over the world and have experienced things I would never have been able to without a modeling career. I always look back on being scouted in the 8th grade and my first test shoot with Pulse, I wouldn’t be where I am today without that first shoot! I’ve heard other models tell horror stories of sketchy managers, agencies, and mother agencies. I feel lucky to have avoided all of that by signing with Pulse.
Thanks for everything!
Sara Grace Kelley”
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Catching Up with Sara Grace Kelley