Dear Aspiring Model,


Dear Aspiring Model,

I would like to share some insight to the tough side of your dream…your journey is not going to be easy, but I hope that you pursue it. I hope that you chase that dream in heels. Even if you never catch it, you’ll be really good at running in heels and that’s impressive. You will never walk away from your experience empty handed because along the way, you’re going to make some really awesome friends, be equipped with valuable life skills, and definitely have some amazing memories made along the way.

You will need to decide what successful looks like for you and never loose sight of who you are. I say this because no matter what comes from your career you’re going to be successful in a variety of ways. You will have pursued something much bigger than you, and doing just that, is a success. You’re going to have to change your lifestyle, and the changes you make are going to be for the best, your life will thank you for it. The friendships you’ll build will be ones that remind you of how great you are. The life skills you’re going to gain, despite if they came easy or gained through hardship… will polish you.

Your mind is what truly matters. Be smart with your emotions and challenge yourself to be unscathed. There is no need to come out damaged if you continue to stay positive through your challenges. If being told no is too difficult for you, then you’ve got some growing to do. “No” is a staple word to this life and it is up to you to challenge its’ meaning. You are the only one who can make yourself successful in life, and it is up to you to get as much as you can from your experiences, so cherish the challenges.

Despite challenges that come along the way, Pulse is going to walk beside you in this journey… success is only defined by you, and we hope that your journey is one that you allow to be successful the rest of your life.


 Alita Ruby

Pulse Management


Dear Aspiring Model,