Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

I gave modeling a shot when I was 12, all through until I was 18. I never landed the cover of Vogue, and I never stepped foot into fashion week. What I can tell you is it was a decision made to give things a try, and my success was based on myself, not on Pulse. I have my own back story that I won’t bore you with, but I would like to share something else about it…..

I learned a lot.

At such a young age, I spoke for myself…I listened…I took healthy criticism.. I made goals… I learned to dream… I handled disappointment… I built life long friendships… I took road trips… I built a deeper friendship with my parents.. I learned to respect everyone… to be on time… to study… to be proactive.. to be prepared… I learned, to learn.

Modeling was a risk I took because it was an adventure I wanted to try. It was never about making the cover of Vogue, (though it was a dream) I wanted to experience something new, and try something for myself. It was outside of what the Idaho life could offer me and I was sold on the idea. Why wouldn’t I want to give it a try?

Over the course of those 6 years, I can honestly say I learned everything I needed to enter into the world as an adult…the world that can be so harsh. I was already understanding of the idea of what being “on time” looked like, how to communicate professionally while maintaining my own personality, how to educate myself on the tools I needed to become successful… and how to respect the professionals around me. Being in an environment that constantly pushes you to be your best self is an environment of automatic success in itself. There is no way you can leave that industry without life skills and confidence, it is the mindset it takes to absorb everything as a future skill that truly matters.

Not being successful as a model never meant anything to me 12 years later. I don’t look at those 6 years as a waste of my time or a dream that didn’t come true. I look at it as 6 years spent developing and bettering myself around people that were willing to watch me grow. The culture of the fashion industry can offer anyone growth. I could have left Pulse in the first 3 years, feeling like I failed or that Pulse failed me… but I didn’t because I had already learned so much.. and it was worth it to me to stick with my dream despite the chance that it wouldn’t happen for me. I ended up with 6 solid years of challenge, fun, growth, and memories. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I am now married, and have two beautiful children that I stay home with… and living a dream my 12 year old self wouldn’t have known to dream. I am a wife and mother.. and the Director of Social Media and PR at Pulse Management. Who knew I would end up with Pulse…again. If that isn’t a testimony to our company, I don’t know what is.

Being able to grow along side a company for so long, during the crucial years of a girls life… to now being equally as challenged at 24… truly a journey I am thankful for and a journey I hope you can offer your son or daughter.

Looking at these images bring back a lot of emotions. To be inspired by your teenage self…. that is a privilege. Thank you little me, for sticking with your dreams…you taught me a lot.


Dear Parents,