Give Thanks. Be Fearless.

Give Thanks. Be Fearless.

Be thankful for what you have. Be fearless for what you want. -Coco Callia

Being thankful means being content with what you have, but it does not mean you must be satisfied. In life we should strive to live with a content heart, being thankful for everything we have, even if it does not feel like much…. but never should we feel that we must be satisfied. Setting goals and accomplishing them has the ability to transform the dynamic of staying thankful….it’s understanding to respect your now, but being fearless to chase your future.

Staying thankful for every opportunity you’ve been given makes stepping into fashion week that much sweeter. Don’t forget to be fearless.




photo: @artonsefa @sonjaheintschel
makeup: @ninasorianomakeup
hair: @mustafayanaz
photo assistants: @vinrizvani

Give Thanks. Be Fearless.