They say a woman who can run in heels should be feared, but what about a woman who can do anything in heels? We tell our girls to practice walking in heels, but what does that look like? That looks like wearing heels at home while rocking sweatpants… it looks like not being afraid of towering over you friends at the mall, and rocking those 6 inch heels… it looks like being the only high school girl at prom who can actually dance in heels and isn’t ashamed of being taller than her date. When we say practice, we actually mean it!

I remember my fair share of days spent in heels, towering over my middle school boyfriend.. making 5’9 at 12 years old look easy… but hey, I could run in heels and I was proud! We have received the nervous laughter from most of our models when we make this request, they sit there giggling at the idea of wearing heels in the kitchen after volleyball practice, but the successful ones can tell you they did it. They’re the ones who rock the runways. Practice does make perfect, even if it looks ridiculous in the process.

We cannot expect our dreams to come to us when they were meant to be chased down, so here is to running towards our dreams in the cutest heels we own. Cheers to being feared.


Check out our model Nariah, this chick should be feared….