It’s A Small World…

It’s A Small World…

As the Director of Social Media, I got quite the kick out of this video and had to share. When watching this the first thing I noticed was PM’s Hazel Graye in the background (blonde girl in the campaign pictures), second thing I noticed is founder of Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore, was standing in my very own town’s Ulta store.

See, I am currently living in Moscow, Idaho. I am often looked at weird when I announce what it is that I do for a living, because well, I live in Idaho…. how could Idaho “do” fashion?? Today, my two worlds met….a campaign tour with our very own, Hazel, plastered about… and my exact location.

Hey girl, Hazel, I see YOU! I am a sucker for spotting our models pictures in person, this one is great!

Drew Barrymore surprises Moscow

Actress Drew Barrymore surprised Moscow with a visit to the local Ulta, where she celebrated high sales of her beauty products with employees and community members.

Posted by Argonaut on Tuesday, June 19, 2018




It’s A Small World…