Being mindful of the small joys in life offers a happier lifestyle. Living in this day and age it is easy to be distracted by the small photos that represent a good time with friends, a family that seems to have it all together, the beauty created by a filter, or that moment of success with undocumented blood, sweat, and tears. They’re photos meant to share with friends that know you don’t have it all together, but for others, it can be photos that add on to the stress of someone going through a tough time. Unfortunately not everyone is good at being happy for others.. and even if we are, we have vulnerable times of emotion that lead us into the self loathing. Social media is really good at hiding the real side of life.

Being a millennial myself, I feel sad for our generation being brought up in the world that lives in the “right now” mentality. Everything we see online represents it. It might seem simple and quite silly but even Netflix offers the “now” without commercials…wouldn’t it be nice if life was as easy as Netflix? It is simply too easy to expect life to happen on our own terms and be glamorous enough to fit inside a single Instagram photo. Our internet is fast, smart phones offer us almost anything within seconds, and social media only covers the moments of success and beauty. We lose sight of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into success…. the time spent waiting on opportunities to climb the chain, and even the ugly moments we go through before we receive what we want. Success rarely happens over night and yet it’s presented all around us that we should expect it….right now.

Our world moves faster than it ever has before, and I wonder if things slowed down just a bit… would we enjoy our journey more? If the small things in life can bring such immense joy, than wouldn’t it make sense that small things can change us for the worst too? I don’t even have to wait for a full pot of coffee to brew in the morning, my Keurig offers me happiness in seconds…. and if coffee isn’t happiness I don’t know what is. Things used to take time, in the small things… and it was a firm reminder more than we want to give credit. I hate to give over so much power to Netflix and YouTube but my goodness, I am SO guilty. I hardly have to invest energy into things I want to learn, have, or experience… simply because of today’s world.

It’s still a common phrase that we use, “timing is everything”…. but do we really believe it? Do we really live by those words? It’s an easy phrase to offer someone in a moment of frustration but when we say it, is it something we have truly devoted ourselves to live by? I am not saying that everything in this day in age is negative, I am thankful for my quick brew coffee I can drink before my kids wake up, those five minutes make a difference. I am thankful for social media that offers me connections all over the world, relationships I could never have without it. I am thankful for the overall development of technology…. lets face it, we would all be uglier without YouTube makeup tutorials. Things like streaming motivational conferences from home, being able to join in on church services when we are too sick to go to church, and Facetime for family members we can’t physically be with…. there are much deeper joys in our fast paced world of technology, but so many negatives we aren’t mindful of on a regular basis.

The power of being mindful is key to creating happiness… remembering that success comes with work… and work comes with failure… and rarely is it documented in that order. Knowing that a photo does not show the rest of the day, but merely a moment worth remembering. Anything we are able to learn on the internet in seconds, may have taken that teacher many many moments of failure to get it right. If we can remember these things on our own, we can be happy for others success, knowing they worked so hard. Looking at that photo and being happy that someone was able to capture it, and can save it forever. Being thankful that we can be taught something by a complete stranger who took the time to make a tutorial, for you.

In our industry, we can meet with potential models anywhere, at anytime…because of technology. We can book jobs all over the world, because of technology. We can keep in contact with our models in a different country, because of technology. But what technology fails to do, is show us that timing is everything. That things happen with time. That success takes time. That dreams don’t happen over night. That waiting is a part of the journey. That is all known from being mindful. With happiness at stake, we have to be mindful. Enjoy your ability to drink coffee faster, and binge watch season 4 of the Blacklist….. but don’t forget that life takes time…. and be mindful of the small joys in life while you’re waiting on the big things, respect your “now”. Create relationships across the world with people that share your same goals in life… talk with family across the country that believe in your journey and success. Use technology as a way to help you appreciate your journey, because all things good take time.

Timing allowed Pulse to function out of the beauty of the Hawaiian islands, a dream in the waiting.