New York Times Article about The New Age in French Modeling

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New York Times Article about The New Age in French Modeling


This week the New York Times published this article,  New Age in French– Modeling, and as we read it we were all but shouting “Amen!” and “Hallelujah!” France, which is long known as the capital of fashion has issued two new measures to help promote and ensure the health of models. The first is models need to get a doctor’s certificate stating they are in good health (no apparent eating disorders, and have a healthy BMI), and whenever an advertiser retouches a model’s appearance the ad needs to expressly say, “photographie retouchée” (retouched photograph). While neither of these measures is a surefire way to help models and those who view their work get a healthy body and body image, it is a great start. Hopefully the rest of the industry and world will follow France’s lead.

Stacey Eastman, President of Pulse Management, is tired of hearing about models not being thin enough to work. The standard models these days are held to are many times unattainable, and he is thrilled to see France is taking a stand to get things to move in a positive direction. He has some strong feelings on the subject:

“It’s about damn time! Thank you France for taking a stand. I’m so sick of industry bookers, casting directors, and even owners of agencies that behave as such. You would be disgusted at how many industry “leaders” talk this way make girls feel horrific about themselves. I’ve seen it’s so many times, first hand, casting directors telling bookers that a girl is too FAT. SINCE WHEN DID IT BECOME OKAY TO TELL ANYONE SHES FAT? I dare you to tell that to a strong, confident, accomplished woman; or one that has given the ultimate sacrifice of her body to create life. And then we’ll see what the hell happens to you, if not by her, then by her significant other. But somehow some people feel it’s okay to tell to a developing teen girl that is supposed be building her confidence that her place, her worth, her true beauty that she is too fat. Man I hope there’s a special place in HELL for people like that. I have been working in the high fashion industry for more than 30 years and have lived in its top markets: France, Italy, London, NYC to name a few. I have discovered, developed, and managed some of the industry’s biggest stars both in print and the very most powerful designers’ runways. IT’S MORE THAN OUT OF CONTROL. As a matter of fact I left a very lucrative partnership for this very issue. It’s beyond me how parents and the girls themselves allow this abuse. I wonder if it were some one physical beating there child, or themselves if it would be ok? But because it’s fashion, fame, money it’s okay.  I tell you what, it starts with PARENTS. And if you won’t say “enough,” I will.

And expect if you use it toward my 15 year old or 7 year old daughters,  let alone one of my models, I’m going to do more than set you straight in your sheer ignorance.


New York Times Article about The New Age in French Modeling