Scout Life



I am currently drinking coffee, wearing a sweatshirt, and enjoying Idaho’s rainy weather…blogging away before my kiddos wake up. So glamorous and fashionable right? But hey, I am a mom… who also works in the fashion industry. Give me an hour in the bathroom and I will “look” the part in no time. For now though, I am going to stay in my pajamas a little bit longer, and instead find our next greatest star online.

That is the beauty in being a scout, I can do it from home on my computer or I can go to the next Katy Perry concert and scout there. The only difference is my appearance. If I approach you at the grocery store, you’ll probably find me in a Patagonia hat and wearing Chacos…. again not very glamorous. If I find you at that concert, you can find me wearing a killer outfit that took me a bit longer to throw together than my favorite baseball hat.

I tell you this because there is a stereotype put on the industry that everyone who works in it is glamorous in some way, the truth is that we are normal people, normal people who also buy groceries. Who also have kids, and enjoy going to amusement parks. We can find you anywhere and we scout every time we leave the house. Almost all of us have other jobs, but we are still scouting 24/7. It turns into a mindset that we can’t turn off, finding the next star becomes an addiction when you see how fun it is! So, even if I find you at the Saturday market, ice cream covered kids in tow… I am still a scout, and I can still potentially give you a life you never thought of… we open doors for your future, all while wearing sweatpants at the gym because, well, we didn’t expect to find you there. We might cringe a little while approaching you makeup less and sweaty, but we also are not willing to pass that opportunity up either.

I am sure all of our models have fun stories about when they were first scouted, and most of them are not going to be as glam as we had hoped our encounter would be…believe me, scouts would rather be looking like we have our life together than to approach your mom while wearing spit up from the baby we are currently trying to console.. but again, we are real people… and we work for Pulse, and most of all, we are good at what we do. So if you are ever approached by a scout, and they don’t “look” the part, be flattered that we didn’t want to miss the chance to talk with you…despite the yoga pants we thought we could get away with wearing that day. After all, we thought we were only stopping at the store for milk.


Scout Life