She Is Free.

She Is Free.

What if we stood together, not to “say” that women should not be sexualized…but we stood together to be the women that were not.

We have the choice everyday to become the person we want to be… our actions, the decisions we make. We are in charge of ourselves and no one else, so when did we give our power away? When did we decide that our own integrity was worth the money? When did we decide that taking our clothes off was the only way we found the attention we so deeply sought after? When did we decide that sex was art?


What you are silent about, you condone. What you refuse to address, you endorse. Today, we are no longer silent.

I challenge all women to stop selling themselves short of their true worth. STOP taking your clothes off for more money… STOP praising sexual images for more likes and followers. STOP selling your body to the world. You, are so much more.

You are sexy because you are smart. You are sexy because you have a powerful voice. You are sexy because you are a role model to our youth. You are sexy because you are confident in your self worth, because you are generous and thoughtful. Be sexy because you are desirable… because people want you for who you are, not for what you look like.

As women, we are so much more than what the world tells. Lets rise together and set the little girls free… don’t we want our sisters, nieces, and cousins to be free? To be free from being sexualized? Somewhere a woman said yes to taking her top off, and then another, and another one. The world was shocked… they wanted more… and we gave it to them. We condoned it. We gave it up. We sold our bodies. Today it stops, today we say NO. Today we say I am worth more than that… today we start a new revolution that says NO! Let us challenge this world to sell our thoughts, our voice, our ministry, our confidence and our generosity. To sell a beauty that runs so much deeper. Say no to sex and yes to art. The art of being a woman and not just looking like one. Today is the day we take our power back.

Take a moment and think about the little girl that you were… she could be free… free from judgement and pressure of this world. She could be who she wants to be, without having to say yes to the world. She could say yes to herself.

At Pulse we stand next to our girls…. and we say no. We say no to selling their brilliance to sex. We say no to topless photo shoots. We say no to being sexualized. We say no to the 16 year old being asked to become “art”. We will not be silent, and we will not condone it. We stand for freedom. We stand for being smart, powerful, confident…to generosity, kindness, and self worth. We say yes to the job that builds her up and does not break her down. Join us in our stance, to set her free.


She Is Free.