If there is one thing you’ll learn in the fashion industry, it is that there is nothing simple about it. The difference that we have found, is that those who work in it are so passionate and enthusiastic that difficulty seems minimal to the level of desire they hold. From the next find to the next booking, success isn’t always where you hope to find it. Our industry is always full of surprises that are well worth the work, and wait. In any form of success, failure comes with it.

There are times we invest in models that later choose it isn’t for them… but we continue to invest in those who come to us later, with the passion needed to be successful. Some of our models come to us at a point of feeling the failures around them are greater than the desire they have, they’ve began to lose site of their dreams… but we work alongside them to further their success because we believe in them. Half of success is working together, and at Pulse, teamwork is an understatement. We know what it takes to be successful and we fight for our models at every turn. In fashion, you cannot lose your enthusiasm… and we happen to have enough enthusiasm to last everyone a lifetime.

We live for making dreams come true, changing lives, and furthering our models future. Failure is never a “no”, but a “not yet”. Failure is a challenge we take on with excitement. Failure is merely a stepping stone. Some of our greatest legends in the industry were told no, time after time….

Failure is only measured by your own perspective.

Here are a few of our finest discoveries… when they started to when their careers really took off. Success does not happen over night, but it does happen…just take a look. These girls characterize enthusiasm and persistence.

Hye Rim Park… started at 17, became a global star at 20.

Hannah Holman… signed at 12, became major star at 18. 

Skylar Tartz…. discoered at 12 and just became a Top 10 Runway Model at 18 this year.  (Skylar and Kendall Jenner last year during fashion week) Mia Speicher… discovered at 13, landed the Ralph Lauren campaign last year at 17. Natalie Keyser…started at 12, mega star at 18.