Thank You: The Pulse Family

Thank You: The Pulse Family

Do you ever wonder if someone is thankful for you in their lives?

At Pulse there is one thing we hear over and over, and it is that our models are thankful to have the Pulse team in their lives, they’re thankful for the opportunities we have given them, that we believe in them…… little do they know, it is a privilege to represent some of the greatest souls out there. We are thankful for our models.

As a scout, I can speak for all of us when I say that the moment we hear from Stacey, he is signing our find….our hearts warm…. we never walk away from a signing not feeling gratitude, being thankful that we were able to take part in the beginning of a life changing journey. The excitement we share with that model, is truly genuine. We live to change lives, and everyday we are thankful to be given the opportunity to do so.

We are thankful to the parents who gave us an opportunity to speak into their families lives, that gave us a chance to offer a future for their child….we are thankful for the amazing kid that they created, only a parent can shape the amazing girls and boys we work with. We are thankful for our Pulse parents.

To our entire company, we are thankful for you…. we are thankful for Pulse and all the hard working teammates we have…. the scouting crew, our President Stacey, our other Director Nancy, our models, and their parents….. we are so very thankful, you are the Pulse family we talk about.

Our President Stacey Eastman an Director of Global Scouting Nancy Skoglund

Stacey Eastman and beautiful wife, Shayna Eastman

Stacey Eastman and model, Grace Palmer

Thank You: The Pulse Family