We are YOUR Voice.

We are YOUR Voice.

Within the fashion industry, models will often start their careers under the age of 18. They are starting their career as a child. This puts parents in a position to coach their children on how to run their personal business as a model… we should be raising our children to be adults, as we must raise our children to know how to continue their career at 18 without us.

It will not matter if you supplement their income, or if they still live at home… any job, will no longer care about mom and dads’s best interest for their daughter. We can support our children in many ways, but as far as their job, whatever that may be…. their boss has no interest in what you have to say as a parent after they turn 18. A harsh truth, but the truth nonetheless.

At Pulse Management, we are a personal manager, not another agency. The importance of this role to your son or daughter is this…..we are YOUR voice. We are your voice long after your child is an adult. We will always have their best interest. That includes their religious beliefs, their modesty, ethics, and morals…. we become THEIR voice when no one else will listen. The industry quite frankly cannot wait to work with your young adult as they no longer have to “deal” with a child and their parents. It can become a very messy environment without a personal manager. We cannot stress it enough, the importance of having that in your child’s life/career, is invaluable.

One of the largest reasons why Stacey Eastman created Pulse Management was this exact truth. He had seen far too many young girls be sucked into a harsh world, all because no one had their back. The world is a hard place, and in any job, things are tough, life is tough. Work will not always have your little girls best interest, despite her being a 23 year old woman.

What would you give to know someone always had your daughters back, wherever she may be working? Someone who would get answers, fight on her behalf, get the job done, and make things happen for her? Someone who has the experience to see through the unethical things and help her move forward in the good? It would be priceless. Yet here we are, wanting to represent your son or daughter in a way, that well passed the age of 18, we are their voice when no one is listening. Let us be there in ways you cannot. We can be the “parent” that isn’t accepted, in every other industry. We are the manager that has said, “No, she will not wear a see-through dress without the nude slip”….we made it happen, and she wasn’t replaced with someone that would. We are the voice that says your daughter is worth it… she is worth her values, morals, and ethics, and she can still kill it in the fashion industry keeping those intact. She can make a difference without sacrificing her dignity. We believe in her and we won’t allow her to be changed.

Pulse Management will see to it that your child is heard, no matter the age. They will not be forgotten, set aside, taken advantage of, or ignored.

We are YOUR Voice.